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Sexual Roleplay – PVC Can Set You Free

Even the most sexual couple can spice things up via sexual roleplay or costumes. It helps add new elements to the bedroom, no matter your role, you can feel like a different person spending time with a different person that you do every night. One great way to help spark sexual roleplay is to don a costume. Some costumes can transform you into a different person entirely. However, eventually a couple may get bored and have worn out their traditional costumes, schoolgirl and teacher, nurse and patient, maid and patron. Then things get kinky, and new materials are introduced for costumes. Leather, rubber, and latex are a few that come to mind.

One underused fabric is PVC. PVC is a shiny, plastic material. It’s soft, fairly easy to care for (particularly compared to latex or leather), and looks good on many people (unlike, say, skin-tight spandex). It’s tight, shiny, and tends to always look wet…definitely a sexy look for a lover. PVC is traditionally associated with BDSM and power games, but any couple who is into it can get in on the fun. There are a large variety of costumes available, everything from the traditional maids and school girls to kitty cats to corsets. It’s sufficiently shiny and sexy to capture the attention of any average guy or girl, and there are a large group of people with a specific PVC fetish who thrill at some shiny, tightly-wrapped flesh.

The price is considerably less than the cost of similarly priced kinky leathers: a custom-made PVC corset might run between $100-$150 depending on the craftsperson, for leather, that cost skyrockets to $300-$600. As far as actually integrating your now deliciously PVC-clad significant other into your sexual roleplay, that depends on you. Incorperate the costume into your fantasies. Let your imagination run wild, then order a few select, sexy costumes online with your lover. Dress up and wait for your lover to come home from work, then assume the role. Leave sexy notes for the days while you wait for your costumes to arrive, so when it actually comes and you get to wear it, it makes it that much sweeter.