The definition of role-play is literally to pretend to be someone else. It wasn’t until the late 1960’s that role-playing was seen as a form of relaxation and fun than psychotherapy in the mainstream community. [Read More]

Sexual Roleplay

Even the most sexual couple can spice things up via sexual roleplay or costumes. It helps add new elements to the bedroom, no matter your role, you can feel like a different person spending time with a different person that you do every night. One great way to help spark... [Read More]

Roleplaying History

To role-play is to change your personality and/or actions to adopt a new persona. This act can be done consciously or unconsciously. Role-playing can be used as a tool to help one prepare for a difficult social task that requires the overcoming of one’s fears or inhibitions. [Read More]

Live Action Roleplay

Live-Action role playing games, usually known as LARPs, are a form of role-playing game. In a traditional RPG, players sit around a table, and use a map and verbal descriptions to indicate what their in-game characters wish to do and say. In a LARP, the players find or build a... [Read More]


Role-playing games, as originally concieved, were an activity for 5-8 people sitting at one table. Most people control a single character in an imagined world, and one person provides the world. MMORPGS, on the other hand, approach the situation very differently. Not long after their creation, RPGs were brought to... [Read More]